Elixir, a long-time leader in the customer communications category, has launched a major rebrand as they prepare to disrupt the category yet again.   “Digital consumers expect a more modern, seamless experience, and we’re giving it to them,” says Elixir CEO Tarek Harry. The rebrand, created in collaboration with Boston design firm Studio Piko, touches every single aspect of the Elixir experience —  from its logo and voice to its website, social media, and brand collateral. According to Tarek, “Customer communications is a complicated category, and we are standing out by making it simple.” Elixir is taking modern and seamless far beyond branding with ComOps  — an entirely new approach to customer communications. This is a disruption Elixir believes the category desperately needs. The new website states that ComOps is simplifying how tools, teams and data come together — making way for every communication to do way more. The “more” refers to growth, as ComOps gives clients a clear strategic advantage —  helping them expand and retain customer relationships.  Elixir says that technology and the way work gets done has evolved so much, and the category needed to evolve with it. According to Global VP of Product, Libby Koehn, “ComOps is doing for communications what DevOps did for software development: breaking down silos and completely modernizing the process”.  “We’re already seeing amazing results, and we’re just getting started,” Koehn said. With unprecedented data integration and adaptive design on the horizon, Koehn believes ComOps will completely change the category. “We’re reimagining the communications space, and turning it on its ear,” she said.  To see Elixir’s new branding, along with stats showing how ComOps is ready to disrupt the world of CCM, visit their new website, Elixir.com. Source: Elixir Technologies